Ginger Poached Pear with a Not So Naughty Salted Caramel Sauce

Serves: 4 • Preparation Time: 40 minutes • Cooking Time: 30 minutes • Print

This recipe spured from two things. One the pear. It´s now in season and at it´s best, so this recipe is a great way to use the natural sweet flavours of the pear and keep things seasonal. Ginger, pear and caramel work very well together, however the pear can be poached in all sorts of flavours or spices of your choice.

Secondly, a love affair with salted caramel made me try find an alternative to the usual butter,sugar,cream and thermometer.

So here we have a 4 ingredient recipe to create something gorgeous, the caramel can be used to do anything, cover chocolates, baking or just eat with anything as a dip. It´s truly indulgent without any refined sugars or dairy.




1) Start poaching the pears. Put the water on the boil and add in the matchsticks of ginger with the honey. Now peel the pears take care to keep the stalk as it makes it easier to lift the pears in and out of the water. If you wish you can take off the stalk and half the pears to take out the core. Poach for 30 minutes on a slow rolling boil until slightly soft.

2) Create the caramel sauce. Add the dates, 4 tsp of water, vanilla pod or extract and add to a food processor, add in a sprinkling of pink salt. Blend for one minute. If the dates spread along the side of the processor stop and add a little more water.

3) Every minute add a touch more water and bring any dates spread on the side of the blender to the middle. After a few more splashes of water you will see a caramel consistency to your liking.

4) If you don´t mind a few grains or lumps the caramel is now ready. If you like a grain free sauce pass the caramel sauce through a siv into a bowl with a spoon pushing the sauce through, leaving behind any larger grains of dates.

5) To serve, warm the caramel through on a very low heat, be careful not to burn. Pour on top of the cooked and drained pears with a sprinkling of salt.




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